Jonathan W. Grummert


You will be missed and loved forever by your Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters.

You brought us lots of enjoyment to our lives. Also giving us our 1st grandson Collin. You kept us busy with scouts & soccer. Enjoyed working beside you, also going fishing and bowling with you.


Jonathan had extreme faith in God, a loving husband, father, son, grandson, brother & friend. Jon enjoy doing so much with his family.


Love you always Jonathan,


tís been a while since we last talked, but I just would like to how you are doing. I bet youíre having a good time with Hayden. I bet he ran and jumped into your arms with a big smile, just loving that familiar face. Iím glad to know that you are at peace big guy. I know things were ruff for you and you handled everything the best way you knew how. You were a GREAT father. Sometimes itís hard for me to admit but you were a wonderful big brother. Although you acted like you didnít care, I know you still poked your nose in from time to time to catch up on the latest news about your brothers and sisters. I thank you for the role model that you were. Even though we were never that close I just wanted you to know that I kept a close eye on you and learned from you whether good or bad. You know how the old saying goes about how you donít know what you have until you lose it? Well, unlike most people I know that you knew what you had and how important it was the whole time you had it. You treasured your possessions and family at all times. I was and am so proud of you especially how you grew up over the years and didnít let stuff stand in your way. When you were having your surgeries you showed such courage, courage that I would have struggled with. You had strong beliefs and Iím proud of you. Like I said thank you for being such a strong role model. This wasnít how I expected my good bye to be, but I guess this goodbye is better than none at all. You will be missed and remembered. No matter what people say you are still my big brother and I will never forget the times we shared. I know we will meet up again someday, but until then your dad and I will make sure to cheer on your Nebraska football team. You can count on that. Jonathan, I love you and that is very hard for me to say. But from the heart I meant all three words. Youíre my big brother and I will never forget that. I miss you!!


Your Brother Nick



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This Memorial was submitted by Jonathan W. Grummert.